Do you Feel that You are Owed Worker's Comp: Information on Worker's Comp Laws in Chicago and Illinois

If you have contracted an injury as a result of an accident at the workplace while you were on shift you may qualify to get worker’s compensation benefits. This will depend on a number of factors. The most important of these will be the situation surrounding the injury or accident, employee status and the laws governing this type of compensation in Chicago and Illinois. As these injuries can vary, there really is no set answer to the question of how the worker’s comp settlement is to be determined. Once the claim is filed, the case will be reviewed by the governing board and the amount due will be determined by them.
The amount that you can expect to receive may be dependent on a number of factors. The level of the injury has to be determined. A cut on the leg or hand is totally different from another type of injury that can affect ones mobility and possibly the ability to walk. It is essential to have all medical paperwork in place when the claim is made.
Another factor to consider is the cost that you incurred as a result of this injury. Whether you were able to return to work the same day, had to go to hospital or stay at home to recuperate also has to be factored in. Any wages that were lost as a result of the injury will have an impact on the final settlement.
It has to be determined if you are even eligible to get worker’s compensation. The injury that was sustained also has to be categorized under the law. This is why it is very important to be aware of what the worker’s comp laws state about injury. Employees that work full time can receive benefits and are able to file a claim if the injury was indeed work related. If there is doubt, the individual responsible for handling benefits in the company ought to be consulted. This is usually the Human Resource Manager.
Our personal injury lawyers can help you to decide whether or not the worker’s compensation settlement being offered is satisfactory. Choosing to accept a settlement can waive a number of rights, especially the right to sue the company for any damages. If the settlement being made is not sufficient then the other options ought to be discussed with your lawyer. The most important thing is that all the information related to the worker’s comp case must be saved and never make a move without expert advice.

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