The importance of Filing Trademarks

The most important investment that you can make when you have a company is to protect the “face” or unique image of the company. This could be a symbol, logo, word or phrase.

There are a number of disadvantages when one neglects to register the trademark. The image of the business can be lost if there happens to be another company with the same phrase, logo or name. If this situation arises and the discovery is made that a trademark is registered you may not only lose your right to maintain that image but can be liable to pay damages for copying their trademark.

Just think of the things that can arise and how the business would be affected should it be discovered that another company has the same trademark as yours.

You would have to change the name of the business, redesign the logo or create a new slogan or phrase. This can be rather confusing to affiliates, clients and vendors. The cost that would be incurred to reprint materials and reformat advertising would be great to get back in the public eye.

By filing trademarks, you will be ensuring that the business is protected from all  of the negative connotations mentioned above as well as any other negative scenario that can occur. The registration of a trademark not only protects that business but allows you to maintain the presence that you have acquired in the marketplace.

The services of our trademark attorneys can be contracted to assist with the registration of your trademark. The company as well as the business owner will be protected. To protect the trademark across the country federal registration can be done whether or not the company is national.  Additional trademark infringement protection can also be offered depending on the state laws.

The negative consequences that can be realized as a result of the lack of filing trademarks are just a bit too great to ignore. The protection is much too valued for you to not have it.

A lot of companies tend to ignore this step as it does take a lot of time to get done. With the assistance of a trademark attorney the process can be a much less stressful one. 


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